Sunday, October 23, 2016

Walking Dead Zombie Blog Hop

How many of you out there are Walking Dead Fans!!
Both the owners of SBS and AHAM sure are!! But you probably knew that!
Today is the premier of The Walking Dead Season 7!

We are hosting an AWESOME FUN blog hop for this premier today!
It's super Simple and super fun! Along the way you could pick up some prizes if you are the FIRST to comment the correct answer to each of our DT gals quiz question!
Are you ready to RUN for your lives!!? Not really, just hop around the blogs and collect some fun prizes!

Let's get started...
Blog hop starts with the SBS blog!
Here is my offering for the Walking Dead Blog hop!

I have used this fun image Zombie Fan Girl Betty from SBS 

and I used Zombie Zannie from AHAM

I am challenging you to GET ZOMBIFIED!! Using ANY SBS image, turn it ZOMBIE!!
Is there a prize? Why yes of course there is!!
Add your project to the SBS Facebook Fan Page by October 30th at 11:55 PM PST and should you win, you will be rewarded with a $10 Gift Certificate! We must have at least 4 participants for the win! Please :) hopefully much more, but at least 4 would be GRUE-some!

NOW I did say that each blog would also have a quiz right?
Here's my quiz question and you MUST be the first to comment the correct answer for the win!
What is the prize? This awesome ZOMBIE boy...

 I will be giving away Worms for Brains.

Isn't he fun?  He is not available in the store!  He is a retired image and only available as a prize should you be the first to answer the following question correctly!!


 Quiz question: Who are the two walkers Michone walks around with?

Now get on to the next blog for the next quiz!! Your next stop is... Kate's blog!

Here is the full list should you need find yourself lost due to a zombie chasing you!
Starts--- at  SBS Blog
Keri -- You are Here!

Happy Walking!

Winners will be announced Monday at 2PM PST